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FINDER'S FEE Terms and Conditions

The Finder's Fee will be the greater of £20,000 or 0.5% of the Land Transaction Price in relation to the Prospective Land.

The Finders Fees will be due on completion of the purchase of any Prospective Land (or part thereof) or on the Commencement of Works upon any Prospective Land (under an alternative contractual arrangement not involving purchase for example).

To be eligible for the Finder's Fee, the Introducer shall own, control or significantly influence the sale of the Prospective Land (or part thereof) either directly or through established contacts, family member or business association. The Introducer may be asked to demonstrate their relationship to the Prospective Land or controlling or influencing party.

The Finder’s Fee shall be in relation to the whole of the land acquired. If for example the introduction is in relation to part of a site and this leads to further acquisition of adjoining land, the whole of the land shall be subject to the Finder's Fee.

Redevelopment sites are welcome.

Feltham will in the first instance and prior to receipt of any specific details in relation to the Prospective Land seek to Qualify the Introducers relationship to the land, and therefore eligibility for a Finder’s Fee. Feltham will seek to confirm this Qualification in writing with the Introducer. Any gross misrepresentation arising from this process may render the Introducer ineligible to the Finder's Fee.

Feltham will in the first instance and prior to receipt of any specific details in relation to the Prospective Land confirm the Introduction has not previously been made or that the land is not already in the public domain. Land being Introduced that is already known to Feltham may continue to benefit from a Finders Fee if the Introduction leads to engagement with persons in control or with significant influence who would otherwise not be accessible to Feltham.

GOOD CAUSE Terms and Conditions

Feltham will pay a Good Cause Payment for every Finder's Fee Payment and this shall be in the same amount as the Finder's Fee.

Feltham will ask the Prospective Introducer to quote a Good Cause Reference (present on posters at local clubs for example) and this shall identify the Good Cause.

Where no Good Cause is apparent, Feltham will determine a Good Cause at its sole discretion and may seek representations from the Introducer.


GENERAL Terms and Conditions

Any fee paid may be liable to taxation and this will be a matter for the Introducer.

Only one Finder's Fee and Good Cause Fee is payable upon each parcel of land and the final determination as to any distribution and sharing of fees will remain strictly with Feltham. An example would be an Introducer bringing forward another person or entity as a further claimant upon the Finder's Fee.

Employees or close associates of the Feltham Group of Companies are excluded from this scheme.

This offer is made in Good Faith.

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